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Nelson Goose grew up in a small village in Ireland called Sixmilebridge.  He never knew why it was called Sixmilebridge.  It had no bridge and wasn't six miles from anywhere.  He was born in 1893, so you would think he was over 120 years old, but like Peter Pan, he never grew up, which is okay with him, although it concerns his mother.

When Nelson was three, he wanted to be a fireman, at five he wanted to be a policeman, by eight, Batman, and by eighteen, he wanted to save the world.  Although that last goal has eluded him for the better part of 10 decades, he continues to try.  Sometimes, when Nelson gets overwhelmed with the task of saving the world, he settles on saving just the environment.  

Nelson Goose now splits his time between Gotham City and a small village in Ireland called Newmarket-on-Fergus.  If you go there, don't look for a new market, as there isn't one, although there is an old man named Fergus.

OK, OK... Nelson Goose is actually an Emmy winning children's TV series' producer... 

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