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Nelson Goose

Award winning children's story book: THE BIKE RIDE

Nelson Goose is the author of ‘ The Bike Ride’, a charming children’s story book that mixes fantasy and reality in a way that will delight children and inspire parents. It is a story of a place changed - and saved, by people who cared. The story teaches children the importance of not only preserving the environment, but a meaningful lesson about family, and the role of shared memories. 

Every summer day, Dave and his Dad take a long bike ride to their favourite place in all the world. One day, they discover something that makes them stop and think about what might happen to this special place, and all the animals that live there.

The book also offers of a FREE tree seedling, in a form of a mail-in coupon inside the book, which can then be planted in your yard. It is a gift to both the reader and our environment.

All proceeds from sale of ‘The Bike Ride’ support conservation and preservation charities.

Newmarket-on-fergus senior infant class reading 'The Bike Ride' - Co.Clare, Ireland.

To order your copy now and get your free gift, CLICK HERE.